one thousand, one hundred eighty seven

 1000 + 100 + 80 + 7

Here are some helpful photos of bar model anchor charts to support math.

Singapore style for writing place value regrouping using digits and number words

What is a question you could make to help interpret this graph?

Fraction Vocabulary

Addition Example (observe the longest bar of the model)

Butterfly Subtraction (observe the longest bar of the model)

Dog Subtraction

Subtracting to Measure

                                      January: multiplication and Division

We are studying multiplication using repeated addition. We are also creating visual images using groups with equal number of items in each group.

We are studying division in a similar way: repeated subtraction. We also are separating equal numbers of items from a whole set of objects using objects and visual images.

Learning how to add coins

November: Regrouping in addition and subtraction

We are learning how to regroup in the ten and ones in addition. For subtraction we are regrouping across zeros in the hundreds, tens and ones places.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Please go to the math link below to practice basic math facts.This will help make solving two- and three-digit number sentences easier and more fun. Try to get away from using your fingers!

In second grade the children are studying numbers into the thousands place. The week of October 7th the students start adding with regrouping in the ones and tens places. It is very important that the students know my memory the math addition and subtraction facts to twenty. 

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