Study of a Complete Metamorphosis

Jaqueline Vargas-Loredo rendition of a butterfly's metamorphosis



Balance and Motion 2014-2015


Counterweights balance top-heavy crayfish. Pinwheels for Peace move with a force.

A fun study of friction is here.

June Girl Scout Project Brings Woodview More Butterflies

Black Swallowtail pupa and butterfly:

Monarch pupa (chrysalis) and butterfly:

End of the Year Challenge!

A Balancing Act

More Critter Findings on Campus

A student found a caterpillar at Fun Friday time today, May 30. Photographs will be posted soon. Here is a link where you can try and identify it.

Critter Findings on Campus

Here are some interesting photos we captured on the Woodview wall on May 28, 2014. It is a cicada shedding its outer skin.                                     

Please visit this site link above for ideas for children's garden ideas. Also, see the Woodview garden website link below for more information.

See this interesting idea.

Simple Machines Creations

The Water Cycle Review


Photographs of Gems in the Museum of Natural Science

I don't recall. Anyone?

I don't recall. Anyone?


The Start of Rock Analysis and Comparison

Marzano's Model to Define Rocks


April Insects

Butterfly pavilion creation

Caterpillar  (aka butterfly larva)  
 The third step for a complete metamorphosis is that time when the larva are inside the chrysalis.

 The adult butterfly

 Please check a webpage on butterfly species to see if you can identify the type of butterfly. Then let us know! We have been SUPER busy.

 Visit to the Barnyard

We saw this bull while visiting the SBISD Barnyard on January 15th.

We learned to beware of quick moves on animals.
We also learned about the care and use of lambs.


We are studying properties of rocks, with vocabulary such as luster, hardness, size, mass, texture and color.

Compost and recycling study to compare decomposition of paper, plastic and metal. Thank you to the contributors of Donor's Choose who funded "Every Child a Scientist" in our room!

Studying rock vocabulary in English to prepare for the Texas state English exams. (TELPAS).

A quick clip of studies on States of Matter.

The Nutcracker
Students wait to see the famous musical ballet, where ballerinas must use perfect balance and motion. Which forces, pushes or pulls, puts the dancers into motion? What forces of friction act upon them?

A friendly competition to build the highest tower helps students understand combining materials for constructing a building. The structure with the most stable foundation won.

Boy Scientist with Plant                                          Girl Scientist with Clipboard

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