Trading Cards for Historic People




Symbaloo Websites to Visit:

Figuras historicas


Dias festivos

Decision Making process

Paso 1: Saber que decision hay que tomar (problema).
Paso 2: Buscar la informacion
Paso 3: Hacer una lista y escoger las mejores dos.
Paso 4: Saber los aspectos positivios y los negativos.
Paso 5: Tomar una decision

New Vocabulary

We are studying continents, oceans, land forms this beginning of the third nine weeks. Also, terms such as urban, rural and suburban are needed vocabulary words for every second grader.

My place in the world



Click on the link above to find some of the interesting websites containing information about Germany. Hover over a square to read the subject title. The red or reddish squares are in Spanish.

November 26, 2013 is certificate day!

The boys and girls received their Jr. Achievement certificates after five lessons with Ms. Davis.They learned about taxes, assembly line vs. unit production, community and government workers, circulation of money and voting.

Mrs. Diaz and Ms. Grady are all dressed up for Best in Show ceremony on Halloween! 

Our Government Leaders

The students remember some national holidays with posters to enhance their presentations.

School Kids Clip Art

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